I have always been fascinated by storytelling, by distant worlds I imagined vividly out of non-existent places, or by human passions that took place centuries ago, as well as possibilities the future holds.

I wanted to share these stories and found a powerful way to do so through film and theater.

Through years of experience as a dramaturg, I learned that storytelling doesn’t have to be tied to a specific medium. When I started exploring aromas and immersed myself in the world of fragrances, I was absolutely amazed by their power and ability to tell my stories in their own way.

Depending on the mixture and composition of certain aromas, I was able to create miniature worlds in which scents act like actors in a play. Thus, my liquids Patisserie, Utopium, Blauer Rausch, Elysium, etc. were born.

Now I’m going one step further, leaving all other human senses behind and concentrating on just one: smell. Arguably the least researched of all the senses, smell has much to offer in the way of new and inspiring discoveries.

With my fragrances I want to expand the meaning of perfume as an “everyday companion” and compose fragrances in such a way that you enter, or at least glimpse, through them another dimension.

Journey into the Past

Although it seems impossible to go back in time – through smells, I am convinced, we can dive into past eras and “relive” events, so to speak. A seemingly paradoxical but evocative journey through time.

Through exploration and research — for example of the Middle Ages in Europe — of the cultural-social developments of the time, the historical facts and ancient aroma production processes, I want to create a fragrance that transports this era to our present.

My goal is to embark on a journey through time using various fragrances. To wander through human history, to immerse myself in the lives of our ancestors, to discover which perfumes certain historical figures favored. I want to identify which ingredients were utilized in which regions and how the manufacturing processes worked, in order to catch a whiff of the Pharaohs’ distinct scents, to explore which fragrances had an emotional impact, and how these individuals may have felt as a result.

Emotional Impact

We all agree about the emotional impact music can have on us. A piece of music can stay with us for a lifetime, providing positive influence. Music can inspire, calm, and make us forget the world around us. It helps us in hard times, impacting our psyche and mind. Often while listening to it, we close our eyes. If we can construct an entire universe through hearing a piece of music, shouldn’t it be similarly possible through smelling an aroma? The meaning that the sense of sound evokes for me must also apply to the sense of smell.

That’s precisely what I intend to discover through my research journey. To create fragrances and perfumes that can have as strong an emotional impact on us as music, a movie, or a great book.

Smell Installations

The methods of narration generating emotions in us are different, but all of them follow a storyline – the beginning, the development, and the end.

To illustrate my intention, I will be presenting a kind of art installation, in which stories are told exclusively through smells, like for instance in opera the music tells the dramatic story of “Turandots.”

It will be an emotionally impactful experience without any auxiliary tools and, ideally, it will open up new insights and a new cosmos.

How the whole thing will work concretely and how I intend to achieve all this, will be described in detail in a book I am currently working on.

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